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Gunblood Unblocked

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gunblood unblockedGunblood Unblocked is a wonderful game for those who like to travel back on time and are very eager to get involved in this Wild West duels. The game is all about killing your enemies before they kill you by shooting them. Perhaps you have watched western movies, where two cowboys situate in front of one another ready to make a short and kill their opponents. Therefore, Gunblood Unblocked game is about this. Before the game starts, names are chosen as well as characters. All the characters in this game have similar skills, so you should not think that some characters are stronger or faster than others. The moment characters have been chosen, the battle begins. Two persons stand in front of the other while the timer in front of them. You have to move the mouse to the chamber and the time will start to count. The moment the zero appears on your screen, you have to take your gun and kill the enemy. If you make it by killing your enemy, you will move to the next level where you will face stronger opponent, if you fail you will have to start the game from the beginning. Maybe you tried to play the game and failed several times, don’t worry Gunblood Unblocked is always ready to make your skills stronger by texting your reaction. If you can’t win the bloody duels, you can use cheat codes. Below are complete list of Gunblood Cheats : Nohit - means Godlike skills ; Moreammo - ammo that is infinite ; Pointer - you are advised to use lesser pointer to the gun ; Faster Fire - means shoot faster. This online gun game is full of fun. It makes you to become the most feared gunslinger when you defeat all the marksmen when fighting one on one. So try this wonderful game and you will always enjoy especially when you feel bored.

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